Riesselmann, Kurt

Kurt Riesselmann , PhD
Managing Editor, Creative Services Manager, Public Information Manager, Deputy Head
Symmetry magazine, Fermilab Office of Communications
Batavia, Illinois 60510

Articles: Woolston, Chris, Public relations: For your information. Nature 509, 123–125 (2014). https://doi.org/10.1038/nj7498-123a
Ten ways Fermilab advanced science and technology in 2021, December 16, 2021
ArXiv: Limitations of a Standard Model Higgs Boson (PDF), 1997
Homepage: LinkedIN
Wikipedia: Reference, Recycling antimatter
YouTube: Tour FermiLab (2009), Jellybean Universe (2009)

First email: Jun 26, 2021, 2:06 PM

Thank you, Dr. Kurt Riesselmann, for all your writing at Fermilab and for Symmetry magazine. My focus has been on your July 21, 2015 article on the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Very early in my first read, I had these questions:

  • Is the image used for the article to be considered an update of the old image currently used within Wikipedia and on several pages within our website.
  • Is it, or will it be, ISO certified?
  • Should we get permission from Fermilab/SLAC to use it?

To date, there are just three references to it:
1. https://81018.com/empower/#Mansoora
2. https://81018.com/standard_model/
3. https://81018.com/particles/

Thanks again for your work. There is so much more work to do!