On getting Beyond the Standard Model (BSM)

Engage The New Infinitesimals:

by Bruce E. Camber (August 2021, under construction)

So Many Unanswered Questions. Stymied since the earliest years of 1900s, many within general relativity and quantum physics have had hopes to find common ground. In the late 1960s the Standard Model for Particle Physics seemed promising. At the same time the Standard Model for Cosmology (ΛCDM or Lambda cold dark matter), raised hopes that there might be a fundamental platform that unites these Standard Model. By 2020 “Beyond the Standard Models” (BSM) had personified that hope and BSM became its own special category of study.

It should be. We’ve all got to push the edges of our understanding of things. These studies are all too important to be left in the hands a few elite scholars.

Although just high school people, our naive model posits a fundamental connection between the finite and infinite where continuity, symmetry, and harmony define both. Coming out of our studies of circles and spheres, our thrust and belief is that infinitesimal spheres provide new foundations for both standard models. Such a belief is not yet shared by many. Out of over 1000 articles on this website, three introductory documents discuss our position: (1).Beyond Our Limited Worldviews: An Integrated View of the Universe, (2).Simple, Logical Concepts and (3).The First Instant of the Universe.

Let’s take stock of where we are and then see how continuity-symmetry-harmony might help to address historic impasses.

The Standard Scholars. There are many who cannot yet imagine a new physics based on infinitesimal spheres that are defined by the Planck scale. A case in point is an article by John Ellis (May 2021) from the Andromeda Proceedings (BSM-2021 Conference, Zewail City, Egypt), SMEFT* Constraints on New Physics Beyond the Standard Model (PDF). The Center for Fundamental Physics (CFP)

Their online conference was held in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Sabancı University (Tuzla, Istanbul). Titled, Beyond Standard Model: From Theory to Experiment (BSM-2021),” it ran from March 29-April 2, 2021.

It seems to me that a conceptual stumbling block goes back to the general acceptance of concept that the infinite is nowhere found within the finite (Hilbert).

Of course, we start with pi. Is it finite or infinite? We observe the continuity of its never-ending, always the same, forever-changing numbers. …finite or infinite? We observe its perfect symmetry. Is it finite or infinite? Now, how about the sphere’s inherent Fourier transforms? Are those harmonic functions finite or infinite? Both? A dynamic bridge between the two?

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*SMEFT is Standard Model Effective Field Theory. 

Google search: “Introducing a New Physics of the Infinitesimal“