On encouraging the work of Sergio Mujica, ISO Secretary General

Sergio Mujica: From the ISO website, their Secretary-General’s history is described as follows: “… Deputy Secretary-General at the World Customs Organization in Brussels from 2010 to 2017 and several leadership positions in the government of Chile, Sergio has unique global perspectives of international trade and sustainability. He is a tireless advocate for International Standards as ways of reducing barriers and fully realizing the role of international trade in growing economies.

Articles:  American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Homepage(s): LinkedIN, Twitter (ISO)

First note by email: 15 December 2022 at 12:24 PM

Dear Mr. Sergio Mujica,

My last note to you was through Twitter at 2:29 PM on October 25, 2022. 

I have references to you here: https://81018.com/iso/#Tweet1

I am sure there is a more formal way to make a proposal to the ISO. Are there guidelines on your website that I am not finding? I would like to make a formal request that the ISO do a comparative analysis between the Planck and GJ Stoney‘s base units. Already Planck Time appears to be formally recognized by the ISO.  

I would also like to have the ISO continue its naming of units of time between the yoctosecond and the Planck second. An informal consensus seems to exist on the web. These informal designations are as follows:

  • One yoctosecond = 1×10-24 The yoctosecond is formally recognized by the ISO.
  • One xonosecond = 1×10-27 In question.
  • One vecosecond = 1×10-30 In question.
  • One mecosecond = 1×10-33 In question.
  • One duecosecond = 1×10-36 In question.
  • One trecosecond 1×10-39 In question.
  • One tetrecosecond = 1×10-42 In question.
  • Planck Time — 5.391×10-44 — is formally recognized by the ISO.

I hope this informal request by email is of interest to you.

Thank you. 

Most sincerely,

Bruce E. Camber
Austin, Boston, San Diego

PS. I have had an excursion through the recent history of Uruguay as a result of your name! I did a Wikipedia page for a physicist friend from Chile, Patricio Anibal Letelier Sotomayor. You can imagine how sensitive all these families were about their name. Our page for Patricio is here: https://81018.com/letelier/ Would you like me to start a Wikipedia page for you to keep the confusion about your family heritage to a minimum?  -BEC

First direct note through LinkedIN: 15 December 2022 at 10 AM

My first tweet to you (Twitter) was at 2:29 PM · Oct 25, 2022. I have references to it here: https://81018.com/iso/#Tweet1 and https://81018.com/seen-unseen/#ISO

Is there a more formal way to make a proposal to the ISO that you all do a comparative analysis between the Planck and GJ Stoney‘s base units?  Thank you. -Bruce

First Twitter contact: 2:29 PM · Oct 25, 2022

@ISOSecGen @isostandards Is there a calculation of a standard unit of infinitesimal time? Planck’s 1899 figure is 5.391247(60)×10−44 seconds. Stoney’s 1874 figure is 4.6054×10−45 seconds. It would be good to have the ISO address this discrepancy.


Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis, Editor-in-Chief of ISOfocus