A dear old friend, Patricio Letelier

Patricio Anibal Letelier Sotomayor. On 20 August 2019 I introduced a page within Wikipedia that has been nicely edited and expanded by others:

“Patricio Anibal Letelier Sotomayor (born September 11, 1943 [1] in Santiago was a [mathematical physicist] and professor at [University of Campinas] (UNICAMP). He died on Thursday, June 9, 2011 of a cardiac arrest in his home in [Campinas].

“Early in his career (1993) Letelier worked with Dmitrii Vladimirovich Gal’tsov to define what has become known as The Letelier-Gal’tsov spacetime. [1] He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Boston University in 1977 under [John Stachel]. He joined the faculty of the [University of Brasilia] until 1988 when became a Professor of Mathematical Physics in the Department of Applied Mathematics of UNICAMP.

“His study of the three-body problem with Tiago Amancio da Silva [2] See also the Tom Banks’ paper “A Critique of Pure String Theory: Heterodox Opinions of Diverse Dimensions.” published in 2003.


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