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First email: 21 April 2022, at 5:15 PM

Dear Silvia Milana (PhD):

I enjoyed reading those thoughts coming through your pen (computing device) about the light exhibit at the Tate, yes, Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms. I am a bit attenuated to anything and everything about infinity, especially if infinity is truly being redefined in new ways. I’ve watched the Tate’s online video and from what I have seen, Kusama’s redefinition is profoundly personal and its definition is more intuitional than literal.

I am more prone to look at pi (π) and those never-ending, never-repeating, always symmetric, inherently asymmetric, entirely irrational-and-transcendental, forever quantitative-and-qualitative, and deeply within, generating harmonic functions, that we know through Fourier Transforms.

I am rather sure there is a light in there somewhere. Isn’t it a bit odd that we don’t ask more questions and demand more from pi (π)? Who are our pi (π) and light experts? I just looked and there are quite a few documents to work through… thanks for opening those doors.

You’d be good as a light and pi expert. In light of an increasingly robust study of the Planck scale, I think there is a need to consider redefining two-dimensional materials, or at least to more carefully study the concepts of singularities and 2D. Perhaps more thoughts later? Might I share?

Best wishes,