Hilbert’s “23 problems” challenge us all

References to David Hilbert within this website

  1. David Hilbert:  Might he have been a bit too sure about his grasp of the infinite and that logic? What if pi becomes a key to grasp this finite-infinite relation?
  2. On the Infinite” is a secure file that requires a password: Infinite
  3. Virtual Reality Workshop
    Also see: Think about it: Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and David Hilbert never learned about the 64 base-2 notations before a particle or sub-particle would ever be discerned.
  4. Infinite-finite-and-Hilbert
  5. Hilbert and Banach: David Hilbert and Stefan Banach (developed functional analysis like the Fourier Transform)…
  6. Xijia Wang, College of Mathematics and Statistics, Hunan Normal University, Changsha
    Also see: The Mirror Reversal Mechanism on Black Hole Collapse and Singularity Eruption in Cosmic Continuum
    https://assets.researchsquare.com/files/rs-958444/v1_covered.pdf See p. 7
  7. On getting Beyond the Standard Model (BSM): Engage Continuity-Symmetry-Harmony

More references and analysis to come…

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