On being introduced to the work of Hsuan-Yi Liao

Hsuan-Yi Liao, Department of Mathematics, National Tsing Hua University,
Hsinchu 300, Taiwan

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Homepage(s): PhD: Formality and Kontsevich-Duflo theorem, YouTube
Publications: Formal exponential map for graded manifolds, International Mathematics Research Notices, Volume 2019, Issue 3, February 2019, Pages 700–730

This page is: https://81018.com/liao/ There are references to it from these pages:
https://81018.com/universe-numbers/#Emails and https://81018.com/gap-group/

First email: 1 May 2023 @ 11:14 AM

Dear Prof. Dr. Hsuan-Yi Liao

You are on the list of GAP 2023 organizers. Having written to Mathieu Stiénon and Ping Xu, they are probably inundated with the conference planning details. I see you have worked extensively with both and that you got your PhD from Penn State. Congratulations. 

Researching your articles on Introductions to Kontsevich formality theorem, I am sure you are very, very busy. Notwithstanding, I hope you have time for three quick YES/NO questions:

  1. Do you know any scholar within your GAP group or IHP or National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan who has made it their mission to study the geometric gaps, starting with the five- tetrahedral gap that Aristotle missed? Lagarias and Zong continue their studies focused on packing densities, not on causalities.
  2. There are many who are studying beyond the standard model and many who start at the Planck base unitsDo you know of any scholar who is looking at the base-2 expansion of those Planck units? There are just 202 notations from the smallest possible measurement of space-time to the largest. The infinitesimal notations, 1-64, represent an area for  infinitesimal composites already defined by mathematicians (operadic theory) especially within these nine groups.
  3. Do you know of any scholar, especially you or Kontsevich, who believe infinitesimal composites might start at or near the Planck base units?

Thank you ever so much.



PS. My starting points are all so simple yet complexity emerges quickly. The simple part of it all reminds me of John Archibald Wheeler’s expectations. -BEC

PPS. Given the failings and aggression of the leadership in the USA, China, Russia, Japan, and the two Koreas, it behooves the academic world to come up with a better model of the universe. This model proposed from simple concepts also has a value proposition, possibly an ethical bias: https://81018.com/values/