We asked Mathieu Stiénon, “Who knows about these gaps?”

Mathieu Stiénon, Penn. State, Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos

ArXiv (34): A∞ Algebras from Lie Pairs, 2022; Dg manifolds, formal exponential maps and homotopy Lie algebras, 2021
Homepage(s): Eberly College of Science, IN, inspireHEP

First email: Apr 12, 2023, 3:39 PM

RE: Your GAP group and gap geometries

Dear Prof. Dr. Mathieu Stiénon:

Within your most auspicious groups, GAP and IHP, do you know of any scholars who have made it their mission to study the geometric gaps, starting with the five tetrahedral gap that Aristotle missed? Thank you.




Editor’s note: A reasonable expectation for email is that if the response if not timely, there will probably be no response at all. In such a case, I continue to study the May 2023 GAP participants and their work in hopes of finding answers to my questions. -BEC