Gaps within the GAP (Geometry, Algebra, Physics) 2023

The next conference for the GAP group is May 22-26, 2023 at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris. That institute is a beehive of mathematical creativity.* The organizers and speakers for the conference are included below. As key lectures are published, links will be added. As these people are added to our list of contacts, their name will be highlighted and linked.

Organizing group:

Lectures by these scholars (notes and links will be added to relevant new papers):

  • Yuri Berest (Cornell)
  • Alexander Berglund (Stockholm)
  • Martin Bordemann (Mulhouse)
  • Benoit Dhérin (Google)
  • Domenico Fiorenza (La Sapienza, Rome)
  • Julien Grivaux (IMJ-PRG)
  • Mikhail Kapranov (Kavli IPMU, Tokyo)
  • Ralph Kaufmann (Purdue)
  • Bernhard Keller (Université Paris Cité)
  • Muriel Livernet (Université Paris Cité)
  • Shawn Majid (Queen Mary, London)
  • Martin Markl (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)
  • Wendy Lowen (Antwerp) *
  • Marco Manetti (La Sapienza, Rome)
  • Adrian Ocneanu (Penn State) (Quora) (Eberly PSU) (Harvard): April 12, 2023 email
  • Leonid Positselski (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)
  • Nicolai Reshetikhin (Tsing Hua, Beijing)
  • Olivier Schiffmann (Paris Saclay)
  • Christoph Schweigert (Hamburg)
  • Dennis Sullivan (Stony Brook)
  • Kirsten Wickelgren (Duke): Apr 21, 2023, 4:33 PM
  • Thomas Willwacher (ETH Zürich)