Upon learning about the work of Valerie Jamieson…

Valerie Jamieson, Manager, The Fusion Cluster, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
OX14 3DB United Kingdom
formerly at New Scientist, author and creative director, 2012-2021

Homepage(s): New Scientist, IN,
Twitter: UK Atomic Energy Authority

Second email: September 6, 2022

Dear Dr. Valerie Jamieson:

Congratulations on joining the UKAEA team and for your role as the manager of The Fusion Cluster. And, a special congratulations for your prior roles at the New Scientist. Your earlier work in Glasgow and Oxford certainly resulted in extraordinary work over nine years.

Fusion is a necessary step in freeing ourselves from Planet Earth and our limited worldviews. We all need to migrate to an integrated, mathematical view of the universe that takes us from the first moment to today. I believe it should be part of our common sense logic and the primary orientation of our thinking.

Our simple approach is just a start. The work of many — Langlands programs, string theory (including M-Theory, F-theory, type II and offshoots), supersymmetry (SUSY)loop quantum gravity (LQG)causal dynamical triangulation (CDT)causal set theory (CST)field theoriesspectral standard model (SSM), and all the hypothetical particles — have yet to fill in the the first 64-notations of the grid (of the 202 referenced below). They will.

It is all slowly, ever-so-slowly, coming together and you surely have a key role in that process. Congratulations and best wishes in all that you do.

Most sincerely,


PS. I realize that your group is a UK group, but…there is quite a large list of groups outside of the UK that should affiliate! The Fusion Cluster should have as many players as possible. – BEC

First Email: January 30, 2021 at 2:22 PM 


Dear Dr. Valerie Jamieson:

While chatting over lunch yesterday with my wife, Hattie, I said, “The value equation starts at the first instant of time.” Can we assume Planck Time is the shortest unit of time and the first unit of time? If so, and if we apply base-2 (doublings), there are just 202 notations that encapsulate the universe to this current moment and time. It’s a good outline.” I continued, “The essence of pi (π) has to be built into that first unit and my guess is that Planck’s base units define its look and feel.” And with that, I sat down and wrote an intentionally brief and relatively simple article: https://81018.com/economics

The working title is: Economic Theory, Value and the Structure of our Universe, with a working subtitle, Power of Spheres, Circles and Pi, Deep Structures of the Universe, Drive the Economics of Value.

Might you take a quick look and advise me? Interesting? Shall I stick it out there for those looking for something to publish on March 14, Pi Day?


PS. I came out with a first pass at value structure here: https://81018.com/ethics/ There was limited feedback. With a little more work, I think this “economics” article could create a bit of a stir.  -BEC