Jamieson, Valerie

Valerie Jamieson of the New Scientist

Email: January 30, 2021 at 2:22 PM 


Dear Valerie:

While chatting over lunch yesterday with my wife, Hattie, I said, “The value equation starts at the first instant of time.” Assume Planck Time, the shortest unit of time, is the first unit of time. If we apply base-2 (doublings), there are just 202 notations that encapsulate the universe to this current moment and time. It’s a good outline.” I continued, “The essence of pi (π) has to be built into that first unit and my guess is that Planck’s base units define its look and feel.” And with that, I sat down and wrote an intentionally brief and relatively simple article: https://81018.com/economics

The working title is: Economic Theory, Value and the Structure of our Universe, Power of Spheres, Circles and Pi, Deep Structures of the Universe Drive the Economics of Value

Might you take a quick look and advise me? Interesting? Shall I stick it out there for those looking for something to publish on March 14, Pi Day?

PS. I came out with a first pass at value structure here: https://81018.com/ethics/ There was limited feedback. With a little more work, I think this “economics” article could create a bit of a stir.  -BEC