On learning about the work of Jeanetta Jackson…

Prof. Dr. Jeanetta Jackson, Mathematics Professor,
Interim Department Head, Ed.D., Tennessee State University

Preparing the Next Generation of STEM Teachers: Project Tiger Teach (PTT), AAAS, 2016
NSF Grant: Project Tiger Teach (PTT)

Second email: 20 July 2022 at 4:30 PM

Dear Dr. Jeanetta Jackson:

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I just finished talking with you on a connection that was having problems, so I write! My first note to you was sent on July 7, 2022 at 1:03 PM. I was aware of your work with STEM and your work to teach teachers how to teach math and physics. That’s what I started doing many years ago and more recently returned to it in a very different way. 

A little introduction is here: https://81018.com/stem/

Essentially, in a high school geometry class, we went inside the tetrahedron, divided the edges by 2, and followed Zeno all the way down inside to the Planck scale. It took just 112 steps. That was very surprising. Even more surprising is when we multiplied by 2 — there were only 90 doublings from the classroom to the size of the universe and the universe’s 13.81 billion years. We learned a lot about base-2 notation. It is such a very valuable study. First, it takes everything from the first moment of time, assumed to be symbolically defined by Planck’s base units, and then includes everything, everywhere for all time. We mapped those numbers here: https://81018.com/chart/

The high school students were having fun with it. It was the first time the universe was on one chart! Yet, because it wasn’t being taught anywhere else, and there were so many open questions, I slowed it all down. I need advisors who are actively teaching teachers how to teach. 

I would love to have a chance to chat one-to-one with you.  Might that be possible? I am just downtown Nashville and my old dentist office is across from TN State.

Thanks so much. 



PS. Just to keep things straight, I create a little log of my emails. That log is here:  https://81018.com/jackson-jeanetta/ -BEC

First email: 7 July 2022 at 1:03 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Jeanetta Jackson:

I hope you can help me. I am writing from downtown Nashville. We have been working with the Platonic geometries in our high school and cannot find any references online to a very simple geometric figure of five octahedrons, all sharing a centerpoint (and three sharing two faces with another octahedron and two sharing only one face). It is a very interesting image when the five-tetrahedrons are added on the top and bottom. That stack has 15 objects sharing the centerpoint. I took the picture below just a few weeks ago but, to date, it appears that there is no scholarship about it.

Have you seen any scholarly analysis of it?  Thank you.



PS The URL: https://81018.com/15-2/
Preliminary analysis: https://81018.com/geometries/
Thanks. -BEC

Five-tetrahedrons, five-octahedrons, five tetrahedrons and their gap

Bruce E. Camber