On following the work of Marcus Ossiander

Dissertation PDF: Absolute photoemission timing

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Homepages(s): Capasso Group, LinkedIn, SEAS (Harvard), Max Planck

Reference within this website: https://81018.com/primordial/#References

First email: Monday, 2 May 2022 at 4:10 PM

Dear Dr. Marcus Ossiander:

I am on one of your old pages here. I had made a brief reference to you and your work.

First, let me say, “Congratulations on your move to Harvard.” I hope it is working out for you. That’s my old childhood neighborhood. There were acres of woodlands all around there back in the late 1950s!

With all your experiences in Garching, you are now one of a small group of people in the world who have “feel” for the attosecond. It is still a long, long way to the PlanckSecond or the the StoneySecond.

Are you familiar with Nobel laureate 2019 James Peebles comments about not having a theory about the beginnings, i.e. we have no idea what fills that space within the very first infinitesimal moments in time.

Do you agree? Do you have a theory? Thanks.