On learning about the work of Barbara Drossel…

Barbara Drossel, Professor of Theoretical Physics
Darmstadt University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany

Articles: How the Laws of Nature Leave Room for God’s Action, Sapientia, July 6, 2021
ArXiv(8): Emergence of time, GFR Ellis (83), B Drossel, Foundations of Physics 50 (3), 161-190
Homepage(s): Faraday, Google Scholar, inSPIREHEP, Wikipedia, YouTube
Publications: What condensed matter physics and statistical physics teach us about the limits of unitary time evolution, Springer, 2019 Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations, V.7, pages217–231 (2020)

First email: 15 February 2022

Dear Prof. Dr. Barbara Drossel:

Thank you for your help. Your articles and lectures online give us confidence.

You might find our methods kind of-sort-of emulate your image, “The hierarchy of sciences” (Complex Systems, Emergence, and God, 7-11 minutes). We were exploring a tetrahedron and decided to go deeper and deeper inside by dividing the edges by two, connecting the new vertices, getting smaller each step, until in 45 steps we were within the fermions, and in another 67 steps we were with Max Planck’s base units. We then used the ISO’s version of Max’s numbers (length and time) and multiplied by 2. Of course, in 112 steps we were back in the classroom and in another 90 steps we were out to the current time and approximate size of the universe.

Base-2 notation. I could feel Leonhard Euler and others cheering us on. We were having some fun in our high school geometry classes so we took all those numbers and made a chart that looked like a surfboard with a light-spectrum on that surface. That was December 2011.

In January 2013 I spent a little time with Frank Wilczek to be sure our little STEM tool was OK. Even Freeman Dyson (IAS) encouraged our explorations. Out of Garching at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, we got some help to grasp their smallest units of time measurement.

There is so much more to do. We need expert advisers. After taking a look at our wanderings for the last ten years, might you consider it? We’re getting older now and this work needs to stand on its own soon! Thanks to you for all your work and your great spirit!



PS. There are many references within our website to you because of Emergence of time with our scholars’ scholar, GFR Ellis. My earliest work within this domain goes back to 1972; within my EPR studies I believed there are moments of perfection within space-time. I couldn’t let it go and it stopped that natural migration within the academic community! Only within my studies of pi within the 202 notation has it opened back up again. -BEC


I’ve copied an image from your presentation, Complex Systems, Emergence, and God from around 12:46 minutes where Steven Weinberg is reflecting on the meaning and value of life. I’ll insert it here as a mirror image that toggles back and forth!