On learning about GAP and Alberto Cattaneo

Alberto Cattaneo (Zürich)

Homepage(s): Publications, Video: Geometry of Strings and Fields (2013), Wikipedia

Reference: https://81018.com/gap-group/ and https://81018.com/universe-numbers/#Emails

First email 25 April 2023

Dear Prof. Dr. Alberto Cattaneo:

Although over twenty years ago, the image of you and Ping Xu by the Boy Surface sculpture at the Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics is sensational. I am now listening to your GGI lecture from August 26, 2013. You are on the list of GAP 2023 organizers. Having written to Mathieu Stiénon and Ping Xu, I suspect they are inundated with the conference planning details. I hope you have time simply to acknowledge this note! I have just two questions:

  1. Do you know if any within your GAP group or IHP or Zurich have made it their mission to study the geometric gaps, starting with the five tetrahedral gap that Aristotle missed? Lagarias and Zong continue their studies focused on packing densities. That is not a study of causality.
  2. There are many who are studying beyond the standard model and many who start at the Planck base units. Do you know of a scholar who is looking at the base-2 extension of those Planck units? There would be, I believe, just 202 notations from the smallest possible measurement of space-time to the largest. The infinitesimal notations, 1-64, represent an area for “infinitesimal composites” that I suspect have already been defined by mathematicians within these nine groups.

Thank you ever so much.