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Luke Barnes, Western Sydney University, Australia

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Third email: Monday, 20 March 2023 at 9:36 PM

RE: (1) Possible category mistake: https://81018.com/calculations/ Big Bang Theory – very poor psychology (2).Use alterBBN (https://alterbbn.hepforge.org/) to calculate the primordial nuclear abundances of the universe

1. Category mistake? If the big bang’s psychology is a de facto nihilism, it is a category that is a “mistake” only because the big bang advocacy has not yet recognized the fallout from its inherent structure. If the advocacy has an iota of decency, then they’ll begin to scrutinise the implications of their belief systems. Once they do, the inherent psychology will become a recognized and appropriate category.

2. Now for that calculation… alterBBN de facto takes the big bang as a given and Big-Bang nucleosynthesis,  we take it a step further with a natural inflation that works quite well: https://81018.com/calculations/ What is the primordial nuclear abundances of the universe? How is it measured? What makes them primordial? Whose calculation?



First and second email: 20 December 2022 at 8:45 PM and 20 March 2023

Dear Dr. Luke Barnes,

Could there be a model of the universe that starts at the Planck base units? Might the first manifestation within space-time be an infinitesimal sphere? Might one sphere per unit of Planck Time-and-Length be our cosmological constant? If we use Planck’s numbers it would be 539 tredecillion spheres per second. George Stoney’s earlier numbers (1874) would render 4605 spheres per second. And what if those spheres were infused at get go — https://81018.com/ccp/ — with cubic-close packing, fully activating the Fourier, perhaps even with a bit of Smale and Milnor’s attractors and repellers, all generating basic geometries? Could the universe be fundamentally exponential? Does base-2 create an initial outline that maps our universe? This model has one foot in the infinite — https://81018.com/csh/ — it is a very different model:
The homepage: https://81018.com
The numbers: https://81018.com/chart/
A little analysis: https://81018.com/stem/
Deeper implications: https://81018.com/parameters/
The earliest foundations: https://81018.com/foundations/

I would thoroughly enjoy your deepest and most pointed comments! Thank you.



Sometime in the summer of 2022:

@lukebarnesastro Thank you for the book you and Geraint wrote for me!
https://81018.com/old-theory/#Emails Our theory is all geometry and algebra but it is still idiosyncratic. The current examination: https://81018.com The numbers: https://81018.com/chart/