Bailey, David

Thu, Aug 11, 2016, 4:12 PM

David –  I was looking for primary references about the Planck Epoch and landed on your page and especially enjoyed your summary and chronology.

A couple of years ago, I looked up at the ceiling of La Sagrada Familia cathedral, so when I saw your picture on the site, I had to look further. was my next stopping point.  And then,

Thank you for all your work.  I have bookmarked the pages.

My last venture in physics was in 1980 at BU with Robert Cohen and that gang, and in Paris with Jean-Pierre Vigier and Olivier Costa de Beauregard, both of the Institut Henri Poincaré.  I had worked with Cohen and the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science since about 1971.

I backed into it all over again within a high school geometry class.  My nephew asked me to help out. That was 2011.  Since then we’ve been using base-2 ( exponential notation to go from the Planck scale to the Age of the Universe. A horizontally-scrolled base-2 chart:  And though totally naive and we wet behind our ears, we have begun to question aspects of big bang cosmology.

Because the family says, “Bruce, we don’t understand,” I have started a version for them:

I believe the key will boil down to the electroweak processes:

Along the way we are bumping into very large numbers in very small places:

Although we’ve started from a relatively simple place and had the special help of Max Planck and Frank Wilczek; they paved the way), it is still bewildering.

We’ll continue to plod along, but given your background, expertise, and sensitivities, I would be most interested to hear what you think (knowing full-well how entirely idiosyncratic we have become).

Thank you.

Most sincerely,