Solvay 2022, Physics: The Physics of Quantum Information

Seated: Ketterle, Maldecena, Haroche, Henneaux, Gross, Zoller, Wineland, Preskill, Halperin, Wen
Second row: Aharonov, Stanford, Engelhardt, Aaronson, Rey, Vazirani, Girvin, Schoelkopf, Blatt, Cirac, Gottesman, Shor, Verstraete
Third row: Sevrin, Hubeny, Gambetta, Terhal, Simmons, Khemani, Nakamura
Fourth row: Marcus, Bloch, Browaeys, Vidick, Pollmann, Wiebe, Penington
Fifth row: Jiang, Fisher, Wall, Harlow, Martinis, Troyer, Farhi, Almheiri, Calabrese, Altman

Frank Verstraete @fverstraete “The conference was great, and it was a great honour to be the rapporteur on the topic of quantum imformation and many-body physics.”


The 2022 Science for the Future Solvay Prize has been awarded to Katalin Karikó  for her work on the biochemical modification of synthetically produced messenger RNA (mRNA), which has enabled the rapid development of vaccines and saves many lives. It could also help fight other diseases like cancer, infection from influenza, malaria, or HIV in the future. Professor Karikó is an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where she worked for 24 years before joining BioNTech SE in 2013 as a senior VP. She is also professor at University of Szeged, Hungary from where she received her PhD in biochemistry in 1982.

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