Carskadon, Mary A.

Prof. Dr. Mary A. Carskadon
Alpert Medical School, Brown University
Bradley Hospital Sleep Lab, 300 Duncan Drive, Providence, RI 02906

Oxford University Press
Sleep for science staff

First email: 30 October 2020

Dear Prof. Dr. Mary A Carskadon,

You have much better things to do with your time than to respond to this note; however, as an exercise, I need to get some thoughts down about circadian rhythms and the metaphor of an old computer’s overnight recompile. Of course, I found several references to your lifetime of work. Congratulations.

Yes, the kids need the most sleep. They are trying new things, absorbing a lot of new data, and de facto asking what-if questions. So, although the body rests, the mind remains active. I would postulate that the more organized our sleep becomes, the more creative our next day may be.

Further, if we take as a given that Max Planck’s base units are real (validated in many ways including dividing Planck Length by Planck Time to yield the speed of light), the circadian rhythms are profoundly part of the rhythms of the universe. That idea may well be worth exploring further. By applying base-2 notation to the Planck base units, we encapsulate the universe within 202 notations. Yet, simple logic tells us that only the current notation, Notation 202, is directional and asymmetric. The other 201 notations are complete and symmetric. My simple guess: Sleep, using the metaphor of recompiling, establishes a certain symmetry each day with and within our universe.

I often wonder if there is anybody within the scholarly sleep community who is asking such silly questions and who are attempting to couple it with the current dialogue about the very nature of time.  Thank you.

Most warmly,


PS. You look like my kid sister and project such a warmth and gentle spirit, I thought you wouldn’t mind my looking in on your work to further push my questions about circadian rhythms!  Thanks. -BEC
PPS. I hope your trip to Adelaide happens this year. Disdain for the cold is a sign of maturity!

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