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Thank you for your website, Infinite Potential

TO:  PAUL HOWARD, Film and Television Producer and Director

I started my Bohm trek in 1971 with Causality & Chance in Modern Physics, 1957, pages 163-164, That little section is here: A few years later I had my first opportunity to visit with David Bohm at Birkbeck College (and then yet another all-day session a few years later). Bohm inspired me to go inside the tetrahedron and octahedron: And, just in the past week I have sent my first notes to Aharonov and Hiley: We’re all getting old and most have died. Yet, there is a possibility we are getting closer to the real core. Maybe our idiosyncratic ideation might hold a clue.

We have a very different starting point – the Planck base units:
I really didn’t know that our chart would be quite so idiosyncratic:
The more recent pages possibly summarize it all best:

Your comments (even if a kick in the butt) would be most welcomed!
Indeed. Nobody seems to really risk that much.

Today, it is all such incrementalism.

Best wishes,

Wonderful work:


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