Farrell, John W.

John W. Farrell

Farrellmedia, Inc.
Newton Center, MA 02459

Articles for The Boston Globe, Cosmos Magazine, Forbes, Huffington Post, Manchester Guardian, National Review, New Scientist, Salon, Skeptic and the Wall Street Journal.
Article: The Austerity Of Many Worlds (Nov 3, 2019, 09:44 am)
Author:  The Day Without Yesterday: Lemaître, Einstein and the Birth of Modern Cosmology, Basic Books-Perseus Books Group
Homepage and another homepage at Forbes

First email: 7 February 2020 at 4:24 PM

Dear Mr. John W. Farrell:

What if we use simple logic and simple math to start everything moving, creating space and time along the way? Could we start this universe with just the Planck base units?

What if we assume there is a natural inflation that doubles those Planck units over and over and over again? Could that work? It’s simple. It seems logical. And, that process renders a universe in just 202 doublings from Planck Time and Planck Length to the current time and approximate size of the universe.

That’s what we did in a New Orleans High School. Three teachers and about 80 students put the entire universe in a mathematical relation all on just one chart with 202 steps. We thought, “Now that’s a STEM tool!”

We were excited. The more we studied it, the more we wanted to share it, so we asked the experts, “Is it OK? What are we doing wrong? What have we missed?” We wrote to Hawking, Guth, Linde, and Steinhardt and thought that, if we are on the wrong track, they’ll kick us around and we’ll learn from our mistakes.  Wrong! We heard the “Sounds of Silence.”

Well, we guessed, “It is such a radical departure and it makes so many assumptions,  somebody will tell us what we are missing.”  So we have written to hundreds of other scholars. We figured someone would know why we can start with the Planck units and why we can assume a natural inflation and why there are no planckspheres and no aether…and why space and time are absolute and not derivative, finite, quantitative, and relational.

Yes, we are going right back to the Newton and Leibniz debate about absolute space and time.  Is it wrong , too?



PS: This page is https://81018.com/2020/02/06/farrell/
First draft: 7 February 2020. There is more to come…

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