Emary, Clive

EmaryClive Emary
Newcastle University
Newcastle, England, United Kingdom

Articles: Google Scholar
The Conversation: Scientists discover fundamental property of light – 150 years after Maxwell, June 30, 2015
ArXivDecoherence and maximal violations of the Leggett-Garg inequality
Video: Quantum transport and quantum effects in photosynthetic systems

First email: 14 October 2018

Dear Dr. Clive Emary:

Your June 29, 2015 article, “Scientists discover fundamental property of light…” came to my attention as a result of trying to think through the work of Ballantine, Eastham and Donegan at Trinity College Dublin where some have reported that they have discovered a new form of light.

It caused me to ask myself, “What do I know about light?”  I decided the answer is, “Not much.”

To dig into it all, I fashion my analysis as a web page and a series of emails to ask questions.  The web page about light will ultimately be three related pages:
1. An initial analysis of the work of Ballantine, Eastham and Donegan, Trinity College Dublin.
2. Letters / emails: Ballantine, Eastham and Donegan and people like you.
3. The two other pages will be written soon. There is just so much to learn!

You can see from my analysis of your work cited above, I know you are tremendously qualified to be a lecturer, teacher, professor.  Though substantially older than you (71), I have too much to learn in too short of time.  This may seem like a terribly impertinent question, and if so, I apologize; however, is there any possibility that a person like you might be interested in becoming a paid consultant/tutor for an old duff in the USA? I need somebody to ask questions and get tight, terse, answers and who will not hesitate to call something silly or even stupid.

Could that be you? Thank you.

Most sincerely,


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