Asking questions about the work of Paul R. Eastham…


Paul R. Eastham, Naughton Associate Professor in Physics
Quantum Light and Matte
r Group – School of Physics
Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland

AAAS: Science Advances
ArXiv:  Synchronization crossover of polariton condensates in weakly disordered lattices
ResearchGate Discussion about the BDE half-quanization research project

On this website

First email: 9 October 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Paul Eastham:

Thank you for your work with John Donegan and Kyle Ballantine within your AAAS Science Advances article: There are many ways to spin a photon: Half-quantization of a total optical angular momentum (April 2016).

We are trying to learn about the electromagnetic spectrum beyond visible light; I hope you will indulge a few questions from us:

  1. Was Thomas Deane, the press officer for TCD, a little too quick to conclude in his opening sentence and headline, that you “discovered a new form of light.”
  2. I appreciate his enthusiasm, yet do we know where this new form of light would fall along the electromagnetic spectrum? Is it only within that small bandwidth of visible light?
  3.  If so, are there any images of that light which would be appropriate to use? The one that was used with the Deane article appears to have come from the public domain. I found a more colorful image associated with your work (below) that is on your homepage. Is it the best image to capture this work? May we have permission to use it?

Our primary focus in on the use of Planck constant and the relations between the Planck units and light. Again, we are far from experts on the subject. We are learning.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,



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