On looking in on the research of John F. Donegan…


John F. Donegan (overview) , Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
Photonics Semiconductor Photonics Group Research
Centre for Research on Advanced Nanostructures and Nanodevices (CRANN)
Dublin, Ireland

AAAS profile:  
There are many ways to spin a photon: Half-quantization of a total optical angular momentum
PDF: http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/2/4/e1501748/tab-pdf
ArticlesGoogle Citations  IOP Science  Phys. Status Solidi (2009) DOI 10.1002/pssa.200925052 
CV: Papers
Research: ModelingNanophotonics
Scholar: Google

On this website:
1. On Redefining Light: https://81018.com/light-dublin-trinity/
2. This letter

First email: 9 October 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. John F. Donegan:

I thank you, Kyle Ballantine and Prof. Paul Eastham, for your work within the first principles of light.  I am learning from you all.

I see that Prof. Paul Eastham is the corresponding author of the paper, and I will address my questions to him about an image (attached below). I am sure it is not of your making.  Images that provide a sense of the look and feel of “half-quantization of a total optical angular momentum” are not going to be quite so colorful!

Notwithstanding, I wanted to write to say, “Thank you.  Thank you.”

Most sincerely,


Probably not a good image to use!


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