Barbour, Julian

Julian Barbour

ArXiv: The End of Time
Video at ETH

First email: Sat, Jul 1, 2017 at 9:18 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Julian Barbour:

In these days we come to be introduced in the strangest of ways.
Have you see the reference to your work within the YouTube video
10 Alternatives To The Big Bang Theory. Your segment starts at 2:21.
Of course, your website opened your world to me and I find a scholar
who sees so clearly many of the concepts that have been stewing around
in my rather idiosyncratic work.

So, now The End of Time is on my reading list. I have been referencing
it since 2009. I’m reading some of it now along with several of your ArXiv
papers such as The Definition of Mach’s Principle. I also have your videos
queued up.

I guess that I have been asleep.

Back in 1979 John Wheeler was very kind to me when I launched a display project
under the dome at 77 Massachusetts Ave (MIT). Remember his little self-published,
Frontiers of Time? My copy from him is one of my little treasures. The display
project used Schrodinger’s work, What is Life?, as a platform to have 77
living scholars address the question.

In 2011 working with a high school geometry class, we chased the
interior geometries of the tetrahedron and octahedron back within 45 times
to the CERN-scale. Obviously, we were quickly on paper only. Within
another 67 steps, we were within the Planck scale. We also multiplied
our little models by 2. In just 90 doublings we were at the Age of the Universe.
It became our highly-integrated simple UniverseView with just 202 notations,
layers, steps, groups and/or sets. A natural inflation, 100% predictive,
readily scripting the big bang epochs without a bang. Space and time
were defined by Planck simply as Planck Length divided by Planck Time
equals light and so it is true throughout all 202 notations.

Would you ever have time to talk? Thank you.

Most sincerely,

Bruce Camber
Center for Perfection Studies

PS. Are you aware of the work of James Woodward at UC-Fullerton?
I’ve been placed on his mailing list and he makes frequent references to your work. -B

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