Upon discovering the work of Brian Koberlein…

Brian Koberlein
University of Rochester

ArXiv: The group structure bases of a foundational approach to physics

Most recent email: 11 June 2017

Thank you for your extraordinary work online and over the years. I have found your compositions and references all very helpful — https://briankoberlein.com/

There are three papers that I have found especially helpful:
1.  Brian D. Koberlein, ArXiv — https://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0110092  — 31 Oct 2001  The group structure bases of a foundational approach to physics with Peter Rowlands and J. P. Cullerne, based on a fundamental symmetry between space, time, mass and charge.
2Are Cosmologists Fooling Themselves About The Big Bang, Dark Matter And More? (Forbes article, Jan 20, 2016) with your reference to articles by Croft, Rupert A.C. et al. On the measurement of cosmological parameters. Quarterly Physics Review (2015) No 1 pp 1-14 arXiv:1112.3108
3Cosmology Continues To Lack A Sense Of Direction with your reference to articles such as Daniela Saadeh, at al. How Isotropic is the Universe? Physical Review Letters, 2016; 117 (13) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.131302

You may find our work too idiosyncratic and rather simple work to be of interest. However, I think our little chart with just over 200 base-2 notations from the Planck scale to the Age of the Universe — https://81018.com/chart— is worth your time. Our work in this area began in December 2011 within the geometry classes of a New Orleans high school.

Thanks again for all your very fine work.

Most sincerely,

* * * * *
Bruce Camber
New Orleans

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