Zhang, Pingwen

Pingwen Zhang

Peking University
Beijing, China

ArXiv: Boundary problems for the fractional and tempered fractional operators, 2017
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Research:  Mathematical analysis of multi-scale models of complex fluids [PDF]

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Most recent email: April 6, 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. Pingwen Zhang:

You may find our last three articles about our idiosyncratic model of the universe to be of some interest:

There is also a page of references to your work: https://81018.com/zhang/

These pages help me remember to whom I have written and what I have said.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,


Second email: February 1, 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. Pingwen Zhang:

We are relatively new to the study of multiscale modeling. Would you please advise us if it is appropriate to begin our model at the Planck scale and to apply a simple doubling mechanism (ostensibly base-2 exponential notation) to that scale? The results are endlessly fascinating to us, but we are afraid that we may be breaking some important rules of the discipline. In 202 notations we created a multiscale model that encompasses all of time. Given simple logic is logic, it might just encompass all physical space, all mass and all charge throughout the universe. Rather silly, isn’t it? Or, is it?  We are consulting with specialists around the world and would dearly appreciate your advice regarding multiscale modeling. Thank you.

Most sincerely,


PS. Key pages within our website are as follows:
1. Our chart of numbers from the Planck scale: https://81018.com/chart
2. Our assumptions: https://81018.com/boundary/
3. Our interpretation of the first 64 notation: https://81018.com/dark/
4. Our start to redefine infinity: https://81018.com/infinity/


First email: April 18, 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Pingwen Zhang:

I have spent some time on your website and with your papers on ArXiv.
I know that you are over-qualified to render a judgment on our multiscale
modeling work using the Planck units to the age and size of the universe
within just 202 base-2 notations or doublings. The work is naive. It comes
out of a high school in the USA.

Please allow me to tell you the story. In 2011 my nephew asked me to substitute in his high school geometry classes in New Orleans. The students knew me as Uncle Bruce because in a few prior encounters, I had them build geometric forms based on Plato’s solids. Here is a sample of that work: https://81018.com/tot

On the last day of class before Christmas break, instead of serving milk and
cookies and reading stories, the students and I began developing
a scaling chart of the universe: https://81018.com/home/ The kids and I
were equally fascinated by our exploration of the universe’s relative
measurements at different scales.

In the high school, that single day turned into an ongoing odyssey of exploration in Planck unit number relationships. Such scaling recalls a well-known book by Phylis & Phillip Morrison, Powers of Ten: About the Relative Size of Things in the Universe, but with a vital difference. We used the Planck base units to discover a systematic doubling that goes on from scale to scale.

We have long been looking for a means to justify or explain this behavior.
It just might be a variant of the doubling phenomenon that occurs
in a discrete dynamical system: Period-doubling bifurcation (Wikipedia).
It seems to us that this doubling occurs as measurement moves
from scale to scale in the universe, but we do not find that observation
mentioned anywhere in your literature or the chaos theory literature.

If just taken as a given, could it indicate that the universe itself is
a continuous dynamical system?

The intriguing possibility suggested by our rather encompassing multiscale
chart has been endlessly fascinating to us… that the entire universe could
be encapsulated within the scaling bandwidth of 202 doublings!
Who would have ever thought….?

The Planck units were the ruler. The doublings were the measurement
that resulted. The goal was theoretically verifying the age and size
of the observable universe by a systematic exploration of these doublings.

Over the years, our exploratory website has burgeoned: https://81018.com/chart Might you advise us? Where has our logic gone askew? If it hasn’t gone askew, are we on to something? If so, we will need some serious coaching and would hope that you might be able to help us a little.

Most sincerely,