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Jeff Yee, Energy Wave Theory (EWT) project, Airwaive, San Francisco

Articles: The Relationship of the Fine Structure Constant and Pi (June 2019)
YouTube: Energy Wave Theory

Second email: Wednesday, 3 August 2022 at 10:08 AM

Hi Jeff,

How is California treating you? I hope better than the national media portrays it.

Have you ever seen this object: https://81018.com/15-2/

Any thoughts.



First email: Wed, Aug 25, 2021 @ 2:24 PM 

Hi Jeff – 

Are you familiar with the 2010 writing of Giuseppe Dattoli, The fine structure constant and numerical alchemy where he says, “There is a dream, which, albeit more often not confessed, occupies the most secret aspirations of theoreticians and is that of reducing the various “constants” of Physics to simple formulae involving integers (possibly primes) and transcendent numbers (essentially e and π).”

My response, “Yes, so.” I think he’s putting an accent on a syllable, not the whole word or concept.

Many of us are asking basic questions about the role of pi and the other constants not to reduce it all to simplicity, but to think about “what works.” The next step is to figure out what is necessarily part of the equation. Is it reasonable to assume any of the following?
1. The Planck base units describe the first moment of time.
2. The first “thing” within space-time is a sphere.
3. The first sphere instantiates continuity, symmetry and harmony within space-time.
4. The dimensionless constants are a bridge to continuity, symmetry and harmony.
5. That bridge is neither finite nor infinite; it’s just a dynamic bridge.

Now, I have updated that homepage so in the footnotes, it says this: Current work: Fine Structure Constant and Pi. Scholars have been challenged and mystified by these two physical constants. They should be. Inherent in both are starting points for the universe. I am now working through the scholarship of Jeff Yee, author of The Relationship of the Fine Structure Constant and Pi (June 2019) and Giuseppe Dattoli, the author of The fine structure constant and numerical alchemy, 2010. Yee has clearly stated, “…the fine structure constant is derived from a geometric ratio of surface areas, as a result of vibrations in a lattice with a body-centered cubic arrangement.” Then later, “The fine structure constant can be derived in terms of pi due to a ratio of geometric shapes, possibly the result of the motion of something that fills empty space.” We shall not underestimate the place, position, and power of pi!

Thanks again for all that you do,


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