Upon following the work of Rainer Weiss of MIT

Rainer Weiss, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

ArXiv: Light, the universe, and everything (32 authors)
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First email:  Fri, Jan 27, 2017, 5:06 PM

“He’s totally honest. There’s no bullshitting for Rai. There’s no performance.”  – Dirk Muehlner

Dear Prof. Dr. Rainer Weiss:

We are just down the street from the Livingston lab. But we are simple people, perhaps simpletons.
In a high school geometry class we took a tetrahedron, divided the edges by 2, connected the new vertices, to find the four tetrahedra and one octahedron inside. We did the same with the octahedron. We continued with our division. In about 45 steps we were down among the fermions.

In another 67 steps we were down into the Planck scale.

We then multiplied our little tetrahedron by 2 and within 90 steps we were out to the size of the observable universe. Sometime later we added Planck Time to our scale, then Planck Mass-and-Charge. We held Planck Temperature back until we could analyze just the data as given.

It’s a bit more than interesting: https://81018.com/chart We thought it was a good STEM tool until we started learning about those first 67 notations up to the CERN scale and realized how out of phase it was with big bang cosmology? It raises too many old questions — Can space and time be derivative? Might continuity and symmetry be more fundamental? http://81018.com


Most sincerely,
Bruce Camber
New Orleans

PS. Congratulations on having a vision and sticking with it. We are grappling with it now. -BEC