On discovering the work of Massimo Taronna

Massimo Taronna of the Napoli String Theory Group

Key Pagehttps://web.infn.it/…massimo-taronna
Key Reference Page (from Wired): https://www.wired.com/…logical-laws
Quote: “Unitarity in de Sitter space was not understood at all,” said Massimo Taronna, a theoretical physicist at the National Institute for Nuclear Physics in Italy. “There is a huge jump that has happened in the last couple of years.”

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First email: 2 October 2022 at 3:48 PM

Dear Massimo:

Last year at this time we were in Positano and Naples. If you work with INFN, you may be in Rome. If you are in Napoli with your Napoli String Theory Group, it would have been fun to meet. Yet, once you learn about our idiosyncratic work, you may be glad that I am just now discovering your work.

We have a very different approach. We put strings on the grid just after the Planck base units (or Stoney units). We had outlined the universe in 202 base-2 notations and were trying to make sense of the first 64 notations just prior to first measurements of quantum fluctuations.

http://81018.com is where we hang out. You are most welcome to visit anytime!

Best wishes,


PS: The URL for this page is: https://81018.com/taronna/