Local television productions about best practices

An introduction to the Seven-STAN countries

by Bruce E. Camber

From 2010 through 2022, I have been in search of local television production companies within every country of the world.

There are just 195 countries. There are only seven countries whose name ends with the letters “stan” which means “land” or “where one stands” or “place of.”

It should be easy. There are often hundreds of television production companies in every country. Today, everybody is a producer!

The Seven-STAN countries could become a role model for the rest of the world.

A small sampling of the production companies in each country.
Contact us and we will list you here as long as you have a website.

Afghanistan flag


1. Kaboora Production

2. Moby Media Group

3. Oxygen Film Studio

4. Roya Film House

Kazakhstan flag


1. Astana Media Group

2. and over 50 other companies

3. listed by D&B Production company? Tell us!

Kyrgyzstan flag


1. Iron Horse Nomads

2. More to come…

3. More to come…


1. MD Productions (Web)

2. Geo Films

3. More to come…


Tajikistan Flag


1. More to come

2. More to come…

3. More to come…

Turkmenistan Flag


1. More to come

2. More to come…

3. More to come…


Uzbekistan Flag


1. Ziyo Internet

2. More to come…

3. More to come…

Help us to find the role models for decency, fairness, generosity and love. We just might start with the first lady of each country. So, going forward, there should be many updates and end notes reported here.

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