On discovering the work of Rashmi Shivni

Of course, the best place to learn about Rashmi’s work is her website: http://www.rashmishivni.com/ It is difficult to find anybody to look into work that is not part of the standard fare. On my first introduction to her work, I thought, “She might want to try to figure out this puzzle. It is not a trivial pursuit.”

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Second email: 26 April 2022 @ 3:08 PM

Dear Rashmi:

With all my communications now, I log them on the website so I can quickly have a memory jog and links to those people whose work has been studied during the development of a new homepage and other key pages. My reference page to your work is here:
https://81018.com/shivni/ and the page being developed is here:
https://81018.com/gravity/ I thought you would want to know.
Best wishes,

First email, 20 April 2022 @ 11:38 AM

Hi Rashmi –

Our STEM story is a mystery and monster. How can math work some time but not all the time? All the big and important folks — AAAS, Scientific American, Nature — ignore us because our work started in a high school geometry class where we went inside a tetrahedron. Sounds pretty tame, but we discovered there are four smaller tetrahedrons in each corner and an octahedron in the middle. We went inside the octahedron and discovered the smaller octahedrons in each of the six corners and the eight tetrahedrons, one in each face.

Well, that could easily be an infinite progression. 

So we started dividing by 2 even further. In just 45 steps going deeper and deeper within, we were inside particle physics; and in 67 more steps, we were in Max Planck’s scale. Just 112 steps from that original tetrahedron (linked above) to their very smallest possible tetrahedron very near the Planck scale.

That all seems quite logical. No fancy theories. No crazy ideas.Just simple geometry. But now it gets crazy.

We multiplied our objects by 2 (instead of dividing by 2) and in 90 additional steps, Planck Time was out to well over 13.81 billion years; and the Planck Length was well beyond the size of the universe! Check the numbers: https://81018.com/chart/

Yes, this all happened in a high school geometry class in 2011.

We first talked about it among teachers but rather quickly discovered it didn’t work with current cosmological theories. So, we pulled back and started asking our leading scholars questions. 

They are a little reluctant to criticize but that is exactly what  we need. If we are missing something, it is an enormously important piece of logic. If they are missing something (and even they admit that they are perplexed at all their complexities), well then, let’s work on this together! Yet, that’s not happening as of today.

Of course, I would be delighted to hear from you and get your preliminary reading on our little conundrum!  Thanks.



PS. Your path is so inclusive of so many basic, core disciplines, I thought you’d love this enigmatic problem. It opens STEM wide and far.  -BEC