Key Insight: A Natural Inflation

A natural inflation is defined by the unfolding Planck numbers by applying base-2 notation (doublings). Start with the Planck base units and go to the Age of the Universe in just 202 doublings.

by bruce camber (October 2018)

Just follow the numbers. Though a truism in the forensic sciences, it should always be true. Science has simply been missing the richness of what I call “those deeper numbers.”

When we apply base-2 notation using the Planck base units, it is taken as a given that there are deep doubling mechanisms in this universe. All the resulting numbers are telling us something. Perhaps the first 64 notations (or doublings), those well below our abilities to measure them, are telling us more than we can even imagine today. The implications for the scholars who have made this area of study their life’s work are substantial. This natural inflation will mean much more to them than it does to us.

We observe the simple things.

First, this natural inflation of numbers (multiplication by 2) approximates the epochs of the Lambda Cold Dark Matter (ΛCDM).  The ΛCDM,  the Standard Model of Cosmology, at this time, has no numbers for the first nanoseconds of the universe.  The scholars are forced to guess. They become imaginative.  And my guess is that all their guesses and imaginative multiverses are not for naught. It is just impossible to know in what order things are occurring. Also, the current scholars of ΛCDM sciences have no place for the finite-infinite relation.  It’s too controversial so much of the mathematics of multiverses just seems to many to be misplaced concreteness. I think much of it will eventually be determined to be very good approximations of “states” within infinity.  I can feel some of the scholars belch-and-blecch.

Excuse me, please.

It goes to say, I believe these numbers need to be more closely examined. We didn’t really start to follow those numbers until April 2016 as a result of the horizontally-scrolled chart. Though we could seen that this model did not need the bang of the ΛCDM model, we were not ready to be “an alternative to big bang cosmology.”

We thought, “We better be a bit conservative with any claims.” We weren’t!   

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