Learning from Adrian Ocneanu…

Adrian Ocneanu, Penn State, Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos,
University Park, PA 16802, U.S.A
Also, just as a wonderful backgrounder, see a Quora story about his PhD, Harvard

Homepage(s): Mathematical structures, Octacube, Coursework, YouTube (2017), Wikipedia

Second email: May 2, 2023 at 10:01 AM  

Dear Prof. Dr. Adrian Ocneanu:

Often my introductory email is incomplete. I generally write within the 81018.com website so I have reminder to whom I have sent and what I’ve said. After a few days, I’ll return to that page to clean it up (and add a few links). That page with the first email to you is here: https://81018.com/ocneanu (this page). I will continue to enhance it if you have any suggestions. Two homepages and several pages will have resulted. Eventually there will be a link back to this page within each: (1) https://81018.com/universe-numbers, (2) https://81018.com/most-simple/ and others: https://81018.com/infinitesimal-composites/

Now I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm of Ocneanu’s Magic Garden. Your models are so much more sophisticated than those with which I work. I got stuck (and Conway was quick to point it out) within the octahedron and tetrahedron. Just last year at this time, I was playing around with the five-octahedral gap and discovered there was no literature about it. Typical stick-figure construction kits compensate for it. And, it appears that even computer-aided design compensates for it unless told otherwise. I believe that’s quite significant. But, I’m just a high school person wandering in the wilderness!

I thank you for all your work and thoughtfulness.



First email: Apr 12, 2023, 3:14 PM

RE: GAP 2023 — Deformation Theory and Homotopy Algebras (psu.edu)

Dear Prof. Dr. Adrian Ocneanu:

There you said, “The internal symmetry of matter lives in folds of space-time.” * I searched on your name in quotes with a plus sign on your statement above to see how you followed it up. To give that quote more textures and dimensionality, we applied base-2 notation to Planck base-units and observed 202 notations unfold of which no less than the first 64 are below possible thresholds of measurement. So, we’ve been looking at all the dimensionless constants, geometries and logic, but we’re slow: https://81018.com/chart/

Perhaps you can help us up, especially in light of gap theory.  We started with Aristotle’s mistake with the five tetrahedrons: https://81018.com/gap/. We couldn’t find any references to a rather obvious five octahedral gap: https://81018.com/2022/05/19/five/#Gap Our analysis is slow and clunky: https://81018.com/geometries/ We are so far removed from standard scholarship, I thought maybe with your background, you might give us a few seconds of your time to guide us back to the straight and narrow! Thank you.

Most sincerely,



*Scroll down that page and that quote is the cutline for this image: