Burger, Edward B.

Edward B. Burger, PhD, President and CEO
St. David’s Foundation
1303 San Antonio Street, Suite 500
Austin, TX 78701

Articles (Amazon) Pi: The Most Important Number in the Universe?
Homepage: HMH, Great Courses, MAA, Williams
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Let’s push math to its limits — the smallest number and the largest. No, no, not actual numbers, but as in number theory. Could pi be both the largest and smallest? http://81018.com is where I struggle with it.” -BEC Also: November 2, 2021

First contact: 12:16 PM · Feb 18, 2021 through Twitter

Dear Dr. Edward B. Burger,

Congratulations on a life well-lived, excelling with everything you touch. I hope your move to Austin is good. We once lived in Round Rock and it was all a bit sleepy for us.

May I engage your math mind? You’ve said pi is one of the most important numbers…” Do you think perhaps it is the number that guides our earliest universe: https://81018.com/challenge/ My working document to follow it up is: https://81018.com/instance/ Possible? Thank you.


References: The Great Courses: Zero To Infinity A History Of Numbers