Visible Light

Visible Light Spectrum

Light Spectrum

Observe  the chart above. The visible light spectrum is quite narrow. It ranges from 380 to 760 nanometers which manifest within Notations 94 & 95, out of a total of 202 notations.  Yet, the simple formula for Planck Time and our base-2 chart suggests that light defines the entire chart, so our challenge is to see in what ways this could be so, especially well-above and well-below the frequencies given in the chart, and obviously well-above and well-below the wave lengths designated. Our challenge will be to begin to discern how this essential nature of lightc goes from the Planck scale all the way to the Age of the Universe and Observable Universe.

So, let’s get physical. Experience our extremely limited definition of light. If we accept that light is much more than the visible spectrum, light becomes even more enigmatic than we have thought. We have to struggle to conceptualize then articulate what we believe might be “the systems nature of light” that permeates even the darkness and it begets even those notations smaller than photons.  We’ll have to guess or intuit this nature of light because it is not “physical” in any sense of our current understanding of physicality and space-and-time.

  Our first article about light. Most of this page comes from #9 of the ten key end-of-year ideas.
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A memorable quote about lightWalking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” Helen Keller

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