Upon following the work of physicist, Janna Levin, Columbia University

Janna Levin, Tow Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Barnard College of Columbia University, New York City

Articles: Muck Rack, Wired (2016
ArXiv (59): The Copernican Principle in Compact Spacetimes, J. D. BarrowJanna Levin, DAMTP, 2003
Google Scholar. See Nature abhors an infinity. See Topology and the cosmic microwave background (PDF), 2001
Homepage: PioneerWorks
inSPIREHEP (notice one of her scientific advisors was Katherine Freese)
YouTube and Videos: Nova, TED 2011, Black hole survival guide, 2021

Within this website: https://81018.com/hypostasis/#References

Second email, Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Dear Prof. Dr. Janna Levin:

Twenty-one years ago you released “Topology and the cosmic microwave background” (PDF) with the words, Nature abhors an infinity. It caused quite a stir. A bit of anthropomorphization, what is abhorrent is our ability to follow blindly as we all go into the abyss. Either we can ‘t understand nature and infinities, and the deepest nature of things or we throw in the towel too quickly. Why should we adopt Newton and an absolute sense of space and time? Not even a Kantian a priori, might the two be functionally derivative?

How so? What if our sense of the infinite has been so tainted by its histories, we have been become defensively wired and even at that, a bit too tightly, and we fail to see the most simple expressions of infinity. In our system of thinking, we look no further than pI (π). Three faces of infinite are quickly discovered: continuity, symmetry, and harmony. Not finite. Not quantitative, but each infinite and qualitative. Let’s lighten up a bit.



First Tweet, then Email: January 2014

Spectacular work. Great life. Congratulations.

Let’s take the another logical step forward.

My last night’s tweet to you, “Why struggle with a little Worldview when you can be working on an emerging Universe View and ethical bias.

Your earlier puts you in the challenger’s role. What a wonderful blessing!

Here’s a neophyte’s vision on finite-infinite!

Best wishes for your continued work,


PS.  I am just a nobody from nowhere special.
You really have done it. You have the gifts,
real brilliance, to see the unseen.

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