Natural inflation and the work of William H. Kinney…

Will Kinney, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

ArXiv: Simple single-field inflation models (October 2022)
• Books: An Infinity of Worlds, Cosmic Inflation and the Beginning of the Universe, April 5, 2022
Homepage(s): Buffalo, Speaker, CFI, Google Scholar, inSPIREHEP, Twitter
• YouTube: TedX (April 2013), An Infinity of Worlds (April 2022)

A few pages currently referencing the work of Will Kinney:
1. Natural Inflation:
2. In Search Of Deeply-Informed Analyses:
3. Everything, Everywhere, For All Time:

Most recent email: 19 October 2022 at 5:01 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Will Kinney:

Emails churn and get lost relatively quickly. Unfortunately, I’ve lost your gracious response to an email back in 2017. I know it was 2017 because I sent a similar note to Katherine Freese (Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 11:22 AM). It was in response to your joint ArXiv article on natural inflation

Today, I am going to post this note within our web pages. It will eventually include a survey of your work that pushes on the edges of physics and cosmology. I am particularly attracted to several relatively recent articles where you are looking at the edges of a new physics

I am enjoying getting to know your work better through this exercise!



PS. Always the latest post on the homepage is my most recent work: Within a couple of weeks a new article will be posted and that article will only be reached through this URL: Thank you. -BEC