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First tweet: 2 February 2018

@SamHarrisOrg Just sent this letter to Richard Dawkins: https://81018.com/dawkins

Would you like to respond?

First comments: 2 February 2018

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RE:  We live in an exponential universe. Leonhard Euler’s equation got it right.

Dear Sam:

Regarding Euler’s equation, the webpage — https://81018.com/what-if — probably explains the thrust best. A recent letter to Richard Dawkins may also be helpful.

We started with base-2 exponential notation from the Planck scale and went to the Age of the Universe in 202 notations.  That chart is just the simple math!  http;//81018.com/chart

We’ve been studying it for a few years (not the brightest lightbulbs in town) and we finally realized that Euler’s equation was the best summary statement! https://81018.com/pursuit

Your advice and counsel would be treasured! Thanks.