Upon following the work of Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara…

Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Università degli Studi di Firenze – UniFI
P.zza S.Marco, 4 – 50121 Firenze (Florence)

ArXiv: Holistic Logical Argument in Quantum Computation (Feb 2016)
Semantic Scholar

Most recent email: Monday, July 6, 2020

RE:  And soon we, too, will die…

Updated email to you: https://81018.com/dalla-chiara/

Also there is an email to Anthony Zichichi — https://81018.com/zichichi/ — and to Mariano Bianca — https://81018.com/bianca/

I’ll follow up with your work on Quantum Computation and Logic and withGiuntini, Leporini, and Sergioli.

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Second email: 3 October 2019 @ 4:44 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara:

I finally have a reference page up to remind me that I have written to you.  I am sure it can be improved, but at least it is a reference to which I can refer as I begin to reconstruct my journey to where we are today:  https://81018.com/formulas/

That email to you (and first communication in about 40 years) is the foundation of that page and references to your work are as well.  It will be available from this webpage and the many others that are now indexing it: https://81018.com/dalla-chiara/

You may also be interested to see my note to Prof. Dr. Antonio Zichichi.

I wish you well.



PS. At that same conference was also  Mariano L. Bianca. Though we’ve all have ha nine lives, like the production, CATS, we sing “Memory” and then we really do die. -BEC

First email: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 7:00 AM

Dear Prof. Dr. Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara:

We talked long enough in 1977 at the Santa Margherita Ligure conference, “Concept of the Physical Object” that I entered your name in the back of a little book, Fragmentation and Wholeness, that David Bohm had earlier given to me when I was in London on that same trip to Europe. I have enclosed pictures! My base was in Basel* where I was attempting to learn enough additional German to take my language exam a second time.

That second picture from the back of my book… you may recognize your writing! It seems that you, Mariano L. Bianca and Edwin Eubanks might have convened the conference.

Where has all that time gone? What is time? What is space? Almost forty years later and we are still asking the same old questions and our models have become clouded, confusing, and complex.

In 2011, while helping my nephew with his high school geometry classes, we decided to divide by 2 until we were into the Planck scale and then multiply by 2 until we were out out to the Observable Universe (defined by Hubble) and the Age of the Universe (using 13.8 billion years). There were just  202 base-2 exponential notations.

Have you seen such a chart? It took me two years, but I discovered most everybody was familiar with Boeke’s base-10, but nobody with base-2. Why?

I had always been uncomfortable with cosmology studies. Infinity was just too big for me. But, this little chart puts cosmology in a box and lets infinity breathe a little. Here is an overview: https://81018.com/formulas/  Here are the numbers: https://81018.com/chart/

What do you think? Meaningful? Useful?


Warmest regards,

Bruce Camber
Skype: BruceCamber

PS. It appears the Prof. Dr. Antonio Zichichi may have been in attendance from CERN labs at that time. Is that possible? It may be that I met him at CERN later on that trip. Here are two images from the back of the book which I used as a scrapbook for names and addresses. -BEC