Upon learning about the work of Arthur Compton…

Arthur Holly Compton: Born September 10, 1892 and died on March 15, 1962, our focus is on his Nobel Prize in Physics in 1927 for what is now called the Compton effect and how it works with the Schwarzschild radius. His 1923 focus on the particle, particularly on the nature of electromagnetic radiation, is where this analysis will ultimately focus.

References to Arthur Compton in this website: https://81018.com/particles/#Compton

Editor’s Note: Permit me please, dear readers, to make a few observations and to ask some hypothetical questions that perhaps you might answer for Arthur Holly Compton. In a rather less esoteric way, I’ll be asking some of our living scholars questions about Compton’s work in light of our understanding of infinity, pi, and space-time.

My Letter to a Legend
First email: Tuesday, February 1st, 1 pm

RE: Your calculations in conjunction with Karl Schwarzschild’s scatterings

Dear Prof. Dr. Arthur Compton:

The 1899 natural units of Max Planck were largely ignored until Frank Wilczek lifted them out of obscurity in 2001. The 1874 units calculated by George Johnston Stoney were even less understood. Obviously, these infinitesimals did not capture anyone’s imagination during your lifetime. I think that is a mistake simply because there is a geometry and mathematics (base-2) that encapsulates those numbers and then validates them as well!

These numbers, their most-simple geometries, and our ever-so-simple base-2 extension are all real. If real, what do they imply? The most important superficial observation is that particle physics does not begin until Notation-64 through Notation-80.

Those first 64 notations are each a key.

You wrestled with the infinite, but when you went public with it in your career, it was deferential to the historic God-talk that re-opens historic tensions that do not engage infinities within logic and math. The most-simple place to engage the logic and math of infinity is through the very nature of PI (π) and its deepest internal dynamics and then the dynamics of sphere-stacking of those equal infinitesimal spheres. Within pi we find three qualities that are not finite and are not quantifiable. These are continuity, symmetry, and harmony. All are infinite, begin our definition of infinity, and give rise to the finite and quantizations.

I cannot find any discussions you may have had about infinitesimals. Are these published anywhere?

My questions for you: Do mathematics, logic, geometry and equations describe a real reality? I think you’d say, “Yes.” Where should we start to build our universe? I think Max Planck and George J. Stoney are on the right path with their natural units. We can think of quantization in rather new ways.

Now, I’ll be going through all the references to your work that I found above. I’ll have questions. May I send another note to you? Thank you.

Most sincerely,



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