On discovering the work of Martin Bojowald of Penn State

Martin Bojowald, Penn State University, State College, PA

ArXiv (177): Absence of Singularity in Loop Quantum Cosmology,
Physical Review of Letters — Physical Implications of a Fundamental Period of Time, 2020,

Within this website: Several pages

First email:  May 17, 2023, 6:41 PM (edited)

Dear Prof. Dr. Martin Bojowald, 

I recognized your name cited within several pages of our website!  

I had been pleased to read your 2001 work within ArXiv —Absence of Singularity in Loop Quantum Cosmology,  and your more recent work in Physical Review of Letters — Physical Implications of a Fundamental Period of Time, 2020. It is also good to read about your work, Physics (APS) —The Period of the Universe’s Clock, 2020. I was getting so many references, I had to send this note of thanks. It was also my way to re-affirm those references in my mind.

My work is idiosyncratic and plebeian. It started in a high school when we ducked inside the tetrahedron that we were studying in geometry. We kept going more deeply within by dividing edges in half and connecting the new vertices. There were 45 steps to particle physics and 67 steps more to the Planck Length — https://81018.com/big-board/ That was done in New Orleans back in 2011.

We were having fun exploring the edges of our understanding and knowledge. We wrote it up as a STEM tool: https://81018.com/stem/. But it was more. First, it was simple. And, it was the most comprehensive view of the universe we had ever seen (and we did it ourselves). I am working on the last page linked above — https://81018.com/the-firsts/ –and I have already cited your articles in the references and resources.

I thought you’d find it interesting especially in light of the deep questions being raised by the results of the JWST about our currently-accepted cosmological point of view.




PS. There are so many links above, you may not find the reference to the 10-33 strong upper bound.

It’ll not be easy for me to interpret your work, but I’ll try and be talking most appreciatively about it!  -BEC