The first 67-steps out of the 202 that outline the universe

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by Bruce E. Camber


The first 67 base-2 notations (doublings) from the Planck base units to particle physics is a key.1 If the overall logic of the 202 doublings do in fact outline the universe, and these notations appear to be consistent, the universe is foundationally exponential; that changes everything.2

More space than anyone imagined. Science and mathematics have a new domain within which to compute and it is much larger than anyone ever imagined. Everybody thought it was much-much smaller than a grain of wheat, then it is like discovering that this space is equal to ten years of the harvests of all the wheat in the world. It’s the wheat and the chessboard story!

String Theory, Langlands Program, Particle Physics, Quantum Theory: The string theory folks had to create their own mathematical structures and they’ve had an impossible time bringing their rather uniquely-defined structures inline with particle physics and quantum mechanics. In light of the 67 notations, their basic assumptions are mistaken.3

Mathematicians have been struggling as well. Beginning in 1967, the goals of Robert Langlands captured the imagination of many. The Langlands programs had very specific goals to solve the most probing mathematical problems. If they could pull it all together, they would, at long last, have a grand unified theory of mathematics. Yet, with its pure mathematics and geometries, they’ve to create their own playing field with only glimpses of string theory, particle physics and quantum physics.

Both string theorist and the Langlands mathematicians need the elbow room of those 67 doublings (and a definitive belief in the Planck base units) to begin bringing these most basic strands of intellectual inquiry all together.

Prior to this base-2 work, nobody was thinking that there could be a systemic approach from the Planck base units. Nobody was thinking the universe was exponential before it was linear. Nobody was thinking that quantum fluctuations were an effect of a geometric formulation that did not perfectly fill space.

Tetrahedrons with octahedrons fill space perfectly. In their tiling and tessellating they create plates of triangles, squares, and hexagonals that easily interconnect everything in the universe. Our base-2 expansion is one path from the beginning to this moment, right now. Base-3 is another path. Base-5 and base-7 and base-11 are even shorter paths, yet all are interconnected by base-2.

It is a little like the New York City subway system. Base-2 is the local, yet it is quite a bit faster than walking. It connects with all the other bases but then there are the expresses. With base-3 there are only 67 touchpoints out of 201 and with base-11 there are only 18 touchpoints between 11 and 198.

Yet, from Notation-64 through Notation-67, all new possibilities open up.

It is very hard to open a radically different view of life and the universe where every notation from the beginning of time is still active, encoding, and re-encoding.

Our focus at the 67th notation is of our universe at less than a fraction-of-a-fraction of a second old. Using base-2 notation, it is 7.95630×10-24 seconds (.0000 0000 0000 0000 0007 95630 s).

The first second of activity is not until Notation 143

So we are opening up an entirely new space that has been overlooked by the academy. It’s a new place for the old sciences and mathematics. Aristotle’s 1800 year mistake threw us off a key path, Newton’s absolutes got us looking in the wrong direction, and then Hawking hid all the clues behind his infinitely hot beginning. 


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Endnotes, Footnotes, References and Resources

[1] Our Charts of the Universe. In December 2011 for the very first chart the first 67 steps were mostly blank. We guessed, but knew it was future work. In June 2016 we completed our horizontally-scrolled chart and by this point we were willing to make some guesses. Lines 8 through 12 were all speculative, but we were at least thinking about it and working on it.

[2] Changes everything indeed. The logic is there. The numbers are there. Base-2, base-3, base-5, and base-7 and more are all there. The prime numbers are all there to start unique configurations of mathematics and geometry.

[3] String theory begins with point-like particles similar to particle physics but they have reduce them to one-dimensional objects. Certainly these might look to be one-dimensional, but if they are primarily defined as a doubling of Planck Length and Planck Time, and Planck Mass and Planck Charge, with very definitive values, the first principles of string theory are fundamentally changed. A review of the numbers at the 67th notation reveal what might best be described as part of the neutron family. An example of such densities would be a neutron star.


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