The Wheat and the Chessboard Story

The wheat and chessboard story is summarized on many pages on this website:

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Our chart of the universe is a lot like the chessboard but instead of 64 squares, it would have an uneven 202. If the board were 14 across and 14 down, it would have 196 squares; and if 15-by-15, it would have 225 squares. If it were three dimensional, we could have two stacks of 10-by-10 with and extra two squares or three stacks of eight-by-eights with three squares left over for each plate and one square left over for the stack of three. That would add up to 202 squares. It appears that in just 202 base-2 squares we can account for everything, everywhere for all time; that’s the sum total of our little universe!

Sept. 2006, Wikipedia Article: