Einstein’s Circles and Spheres

There are spheres of influence and circles of friends and students.  We’ll begin to see how Einstein eventually touched everybody in  the world. We will be particularly looking for Einstein’s discussions about Max Planck’s calculations that became known as the Planck base units: Planck Length, Planck Time, Planck Mass and Planck Charge.

1900-1909  (English translation) and beyond 1914

  • Heinrich Burkhardt (1908)
  • Paul Ehrendest (1912)
  • Fritz Haber
  • Conrad and Paul Habicht
  • David Hilbert (1912)
  • Ludwig Hopf
  • Anton Lampa
  • Max Laue
  • Max Planck (1905)
  • Hans Tanner
  • Wilhelm Wien
  • Heinrich Zangger (1912)


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