Letters to Scholars: February-March 2020

Links to 2020 Emails & Tweets

  1. Aharanov, Yakir, Chapman University, Irvine, CA USA
  2. Arkani-Hamed, NimaInstitute for Advanced Studies, Princeton
  3. Bostrom, Nick, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
  4. Cartwright, Nancy, Durham University, Durham, UK
  5. Cates, Michael, Lucasian Professor, Cambridge University, UK
  6. Dijkgraaf, RobbertInstitute for Advanced Studies, Princeton
  7. Gates, Sylvester, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
  8. Georgi, Howard, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  9. Green, Michael B, Lucasian Professor, Cambridge University, UK
  10. Khoury, Justin, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  11. Knight, Sir Prof Dr. Peter, Imperial College London, UK
  12. Viazovska, Maryna, EPFL, Lausanne, Swtizerland

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