Coolman, Robert

Robert Coolman, PhD
Freelance Science Writer and Teacher
Madison, Wisconsin

Key article: Euler’s Identity: ‘The Most Beautiful Equation’

First email: December 18, 2017   Updated: March 1, 2018

Hi Robert –

I am enjoying your article from two years ago, Euler’s Identity: The Most Beautiful Equation.  Do keep up the good work.

I am seeking out experts on Euler’s equation asking people to advise me on where I am going wrong with a most idiosyncratic conclusion from work that started in December 2011 in a high school geometry class.  We used base-2 exponential notation to go from the Planck scale to the Age of the universe in just 202 notations or doublings. We believe the numbers have a deep logic and just might describe the early universe better than the big bang theory. Only this year did it dawn on me to ask, “Does this mean we live in an exponential universe?” That homepage is here:

What do you think? Is it meaningful?

Thanks again for a wonderful piece of writing and research. You’ve given me a lot to reflect on.

Bruce Camber
Austin, Texas

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