Journalist, Jennings Brown


Jennings Brown @tjenningsbrown
Journalist with words in @NYMag, @CNN, @Gizmodo, @thedailybeast, @Vocativ, and @ComplexMag. Previously, editor @Esquire and @PopMech. Brooklyn, NYC

A little background: Jennings Brown popped up within my Twitter activities one day. He’s one of those people with a special zest for life and he was once the editor of Popular Mechanics, a publication from my childhood that had great influence on me. Along with Popular Science, these two publications seemed to be filled with many new and adventurous concepts and ideas. –Bruce

My tweet (as a message) to Jennings Brown:

2016:  “If intellectuals would take just a few minutes to engage the Planck base units as a starting point for it all, we might get somewhere. Given multiplying by 2 is what we literally grow up on, and continuity is the bedrock of logic and science, let us all be studying the continuity conditions from the Planck units to the Age of the Universe using our base-2 notation. There are 202 notations: That model redefines time and space. That is quite enough, but there is so much more: You surely are smart enough to get it. Can we talk? Thanks. Bruce

And, the response from Jennings Brown: “Definitely not smart enough.”

My response: “More than smart enough… most of the kids in a sixth grade class got it. The crises of misunderstandings throughout our world certainly say, “We are on the wrong path.” Let’s find a new path.

Jennings Brown response: I’m fine with my current path.

My response: Your path may personally be just fine. The path of this world, and the paths of so many people within it, are not.

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