Goal: The entire base-2 chart from the Planck base units involves just over 200 notations to the Age of the Universe. The emergence of particle physics is around the 67th notation. Those unexplored numbers below the 67th notation could provide an alternative to the current inflationary models based on a big bang.

Background and motivation: Teaching first principles and basic assumptions is not trivial or easy. We simply do not know what we do not know.
When we happened to back into a relational model of the universe in December 2011, it seemed too simple and that our logic and basic assumptions were wrong. When we went exploring for validations on the web, the best we could find was Kees Boekes base-10 work from 1957. That provided some comfort that somebody else had thought about the largest to the smallest scales, yet it didn’t provide any satisfaction that the numbers generated using base-2, a natural inflation, were specious, erroneous, or just silly.

Now, just over five years later, we are increasingly convinced that big bang cosmology is specious, erroneous and silly, and that we all need to reconsider space and time from the Planck units to the Age of the Universe.

Our public work continues daily within a website:

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