Chaos-Order, Indeterminant-Determinant

From order to chaos to order again, all built into this universe

Thomas Jefferson and the framers of the US Declaration of Independence captured a deep-seated truth about the very nature of the universe. They had intellectually and emotionally understood the importance of human freedom so they made a guarantee that all people should be free from bondage and enslavement. In that statement that had also intuited that such freedom is built-into the very design of the universe. The free will of the person runs deep.

Let’s see what we can learn about the design of the universe.

The most basic, simple object is the sphere. Deep within the sphere are the original non-repeating never-ending numbers. One might say, Pi“Here are the first openings, the initial pathways, between the finite and infinite.”

Here the perfect continuity of the infinite gives way to the Pi-unrolled-720.gifopenness, an inexplicable random-order, apparently never-ending, number generator of the most simple three-dimensional object in the universe. It is complex, but predictable. Built right into the most basic shape is
an open number, pi (π).  It seems to scream at us,
“Pay attention to the ratios. This number is irrational!
The ratio is the dynamic reality that captures the essence.”

Sphere to tetrahedron-octahedron couplet
Click on the spheres for more.

When the spheres are stacked and, as you can see demonstrated on the right, that stacking creates the forms for straight lines (lattices), triangles, tetrahedrons and octahedrons that perfectly enclose space. With just the tetrahedron and octahedron, you can tile the universe.

We started with the determinacy of the sphere, going within  to the indeterminacy within its inherent nature, and then going out, stacking multiple spheres, the result is a new  order of relations, spheres to the perfections within the tetrahedral-octahedral couplet.

Indeterminacy (non-repeating, apparently never-ending) is also built into other layers of the fabric of the universe.  There are constants and universals that define some of the most basic relations between things. Known as the fundamental physical constants such as the speed of light c, vacuum permittivity ε0, Planck constant h,  the gravitational constant G, the fine structure constant, αs, the coupling constant for the strong force and so many more are all pathways between the finite and infinite, from the perfect to the imperfect, from the unchangeable to the changing, from chaos to order.

Yes, chaos is built into the universe in other very basic ways, yet it is time to stop and see what is going in in the world of science and research.  The big bang cosmology has been part of the culture since the 1920s.  It has been the dominant theory since around 1980.  It allows an island of fundamental constants known as the Planck base units to rather meaninglessly drift in the ether.  Big Bang scholarship starts well beyond the Planck base units; and, until December 2011, there had been no path created between those numbers and our physical realities defined by the Standard Model.

The first path was just along the Planck Length. It was a precarious climb and very few chose to follow.  It wasn’t until a path up from the Planck Time was cut alongside the Planck Length did it seem like more than a fool’s dream.  When cuts were made for mass, charge, and temperature, it seemed a bit more ordered, but still quite idiosyncratic.

Today, there are plans to build super highways up from the Planck base units. Others are getting the vision that it just might be possible, a little like building a super highway over the Darién Gap, an impenetrable, deep rain forest between Panama and Columbia or the 51 miles across the Bering Strait (about 82 kilometres wide at its narrowest point) between Russia and the USA.

As unlikely and difficult as these things seem, it takes a vision to open the way.

In process…. More is on the way.  July 23, 2016

Thanks to Dee Hock and his friend, Alistair Fraser of New Zealand.

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