AAAS Science Magazine: “Rejected”

Title: “Simple Ordering System for All Things, Everywhere, Throughout All Time”
Corresponding author: Camber, Bruce
RE: Rejected 
Last activity:  12-Apr-2016 
Assigned to: Bradford, Monica

Dear Ms. Bradford:

I just checked the status of a short proposed Perspectives article and discovered that it was rejected.  Certainly I am not surprised.  How in the world could high school people be worthy of such a privilege? Our work is so idiosyncratic; it would take a very bold judgment to let it move forward.

So, I thank you for your time spent to review it.  Onward and upwards!

Believe it or not, it seems our work is pushing us to challenge Stephen Hawking’s big bang theory.  That theory relies on four initial epochs, each fraught with problems readily acknowledged by their insiders. Our little base-2 ordering system provides a very different path to the same data without the application of their four initial epochs. That has been quite exciting to see:

Again, thank you for taking time with us!

Most sincerely,

Bruce Camber

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